radio in Argentina

Top Radio in Argentina

Radio, which was the first broadcast in Argentina in 1920, has been widely enjoyed in Argentina since the 1930s. Radio broadcast stations totalled around 150 active AM stations, 1,150 FM stations, and 6 registered shortwave transmitters. An estimated 24 million receivers were in use in 2000 (2.4 per household).

Radio broadcasting enjoys a long and varied history in Argentina, tracing its origins to a 1910 stay in the southside Buenos Aires suburb of Bernal by Guglielmo Marconi, inventor of the wireless telegraph. There, he achieved a rudimentary radio transmission with a kite-mounted antenna connected to earphones.

The list of Top Radio in Argentina are:

1) Metro 95.1

2)  Radio Estacion Plus

3) Zoom Radio

4)  Radio 3 Cadena Patagonia 

5)  Rincon Gaucho FM 

6)  Radio Light FM

7)  Radio Manouche 

8)  Radio Domo

9)  Libertad FM 

10) La Radio 104.7 FM